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UATP Program Participation Includes:

Issuers: Airlines issue UATP cards to corporate Subscribers that meet their portfolio criteria. UATP supports all Issuers with state-of-the-art Authorization and Transaction Processing.

Merchants: Airlines and Travel Agencies accept UATP through all direct or indirect channels from which their tickets are distributed, including CTOs, telephone sales, airline Websites, and online venues authorized to sell air and rail tickets.

Master Merchants: UATP master Merchants gather UATP charges from subscribed travel agencies, including all agency service fees and Net fares (also known as Consolidator fares) sold by that travel agency for processing.

Corporate Subscribers: Corporations use the UATP card as form of payment for purchase of air transportation related products or services from Merchants that accept UATP at any of their point of sale outlets.

Services Offered:

For processing, settlement and clearing of UATP charges, UATP offers an in-house settlement service for carriers who are not part of the IATA or A4A clearinghouses, UATP Settlement Services (USS). Issuers, Merchants and master Merchants can use USS.

ATCAN, UATP's central, global transaction processing system; is UATP’s network that acquires data on behalf of others such as Merchants, billing service providers and ARC, then consolidates that data and prepares output for each UATP Issuer.

Travel Protection Plans are available for purchase for UATP accountholders, travel agents and airline employees.