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UATP Settlement Services (USS)

UATP offers an in-house settlement service for Merchants who are not part of the major clearinghouses (IATA or A4A) to process UATP charges.

USS Explained

What is it?
USS is UATP’s in-house settlement service for the processing, settlement and clearing of UATP charges. USS is a low-cost solution that offers settlement in multiple currencies with no currency conversion fees using a neutral exchange rate. Standard USS settlement frequency is on a weekly basis and is fully automated.

Who uses USS?
Merchants that do not to belong to one of the airline industry clearinghouses (IATA’s ICH or A4A’s ACH) or cannot join these industry clearinghouses can process UATP charges through USS.

USS may also be used by master Merchants representing such merchants to process UATP charges. (See master Merchant memberships.)

What type of transactions are used with USS?
USS can be used to process UATP when it is used as a form of payment for travel related services sold by UATP Merchants.

What are the benefits of USS?

  • Weekly settlement
  • Multi-currency settlement
  • No-fee foreign exchange conversion
  • ICH-ACH participation not required
  • Travel Agency and Rail carrier participation in UATP
  • UATP as form of payment for service fees by Travel Agencies
  • UATP as form of payment for 'package fares', 'net fares' or 'consolidator fares' by Travel Agencies

For more information, contact sales@uatp.com.