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"…As a current UATP merchant, our systems were set up to accept the UATP card. …Without this solution, we would not have had the internal resources available to complete a full, stand alone PayPal implementation. …"

- Brian Carroll- Southwest Airlines

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UATP is the low cost payment network privately owned by the world's airlines.  A modern payment system with connectivity to over 95% of all ASK's, UATP is the preferred form of payment for corporate travel in large international companies and small local companies worldwide.

UATP's value model provides a true low-cost alternative to expensive credit card and merchant service fees while still allowing airlines to keep and build their customers' loyalty.  This value helped UATP surpass USD 14 billion in sales worldwide for 2014 in the corporate travel space and produce millions of dollars in both savings and revenue for its shareholders.

UATP now offers corporate information tools to provide important, detailed data through easy-to-use programs.  DataStream is a tool that provides important information for centralized billing, and allows for complete organization of the content.  DataMine is used for extensive data tracking of all corporate transactions.  Customize reports to view summaries of the transactions used by each UATP card in the system.  

To keep with current economic and client-driven demand, UATP has been diversifying its product offerings beyond its core corporate charge card business.  UATP's alternative form of payment processing initiative, brings UATP into the consumer-side of sales for the first time, connecting airlines to online payment brands such as Alipay, Cash-Ticket, eNett International, Giropay, PayPal, SafetyPay, SVS, Ukash and Wirecard.  

USS, UATP's in-house, proprietary settlement system allows travel agency and low-cost air carrier payment processing to be conducted outside of normal channels.  UATP strategic goals include expansion of the merchant base via USS to include hotels and rental car companies and expanding the alternative form of payment processing internationally. 


To create value for our Shareholders by enhancing Subscriber loyalty, maintaining a strong global network and lowering the total cost associated with the acceptance of travel payment.

UATP continues its strategic goals of increasing its core business, the corporate charge card, and expanding the product base with new Merchants and new Partners. 

UATP's international presence continues with the addition of new Issuers and Merchants worldwide each year.